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  admin    3 mon 6 day 17 hour 02 min  :: hits 461
  504. now 3 years past and still not new not Linux-Repl
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last year they said they coming out with Android and satellite and cable box 4k UHD HDR what's happened to it is the project failed again?
Technomate manufacture receivers do not buy off the shelf like other brands. Just change name on the box but osd /hardware is the same as each other.
production from start to finish sometime take over 15 month to even 2 years.
Android now in production also 2 other none Linux as well.
New Linux which now in stock 3 models
TM-Twin-4k/TM-Twin 4K S/2c/TM-Nanao-M3 which took over 15 month of development and production
i hope you will be happy with this reply

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