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  admin    7 mon 18 day 18 hour 58 min  :: hits 376
  473. Reply....iptv not increased How to dit
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iptv not increased should been tested before posted


the receiver only accept 2000,but if you leave your USB stick connected in the box then you can view from USB stick 15000 and many more

for example at the moment I can see 5000 VOD on my tm 5402 m3 and they all work

you got to make sure that you got the USB stick still connected in the box

free iptv from xxxx in his old file there is 3 and a half thousand ok not all working but you can see all channels because his file is always been more than 2000,he used to say 2000 because that's the only tm 5402 m3 and tmf3/5 accepted

many thanks brother now is all working

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